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Fair and Reasonable Price Expectations for Web Design and Development

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Every week we receive emails from prospective clients about web design and development. The number one question from 90% of clients is, "How much will a website cost?"

The answer is what you'd expect: "It depends." Ultimately the price for website design and development is dependant upon the amount of time spent on the project. One must realize, design is a premium service. A luxury good. Businesses who value good design have an advantage over those who don't.

Any credible design agency will follow a process for estimating web design work. We respond to inquires with a request for proposal document (RFP). This document is filled with important questions pertaining to your business, your online business goals, key business indicators, website functionality and look and feel.

For example, do you need a content management system? A blog? An online forum? Are you going to sell products on your website... and so on. All of these questions help your design agency determine how much time they need to spend on your project. Once that is determined, an estimate can be accurately submitted.

One of the questions we ask is, "Have you worked with a design agency before?" This is an important question because the answer will tell us how much we have to educate the client on process, prices and expectations. Most clients have not worked with an interactive agency before, and therefore we spend a lot of time educating them on what to expect.

Often times, when we present our estimate for custom website design, clients experience "sticker shock." Scary thing is, our prices are reasonable by comparison, and actually lower than comparable design agencies. Some prospects even say, "I can get (insert cheap company here) to design a site for $10 a month." Yup, you absolutely can. But, in 6 months, you'll come back to us for the solution you needed in the first place.

Our competitive advantage is our completeness, creative vision, client service and commitment to your ongoing success. Our clients are partners for life. We want you to succeed, it makes us look good. And, we get and keep more and more clients through word-of-mouth.

It's been said, making the complex look simple is one of the greatest skills. That is absolutely true with web design and development. Website design is a process. There is a lot of work and time put in behind the scenes. Work and time the client never sees.

Here's a quick study on what to expect from a reputable design agency. This is what you're paying for:
Client, Industry, and Competitive research;
Graphic Compositions in Photoshop;
Client Reviews and Revisions;
Taking the Approved Comps and Mapping them to a CSS / XHTML Grid;
CSS / XHTML Production and Testing;
Content Management Database Design;
eCommerce Functionality and Testing;
Search Engine Optimization;

These steps require professionalism and expertise to produce a robust solution. Most first-time clients have no idea what it takes to produce this work. Website design and development is very complicated. Making the complicated look easy is what your web design firm should do, and do well. 

Advanced Dentistry by Design Web Site Goes Live

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We recently went live with a new website for Advanced Dentistry by Design. This Carson City Dentist has been in business for over 30 years in Carson City. Advanced Dentistry by Design offers many dental services including: Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, CEREC Technology, 6 Month Smiles, Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers and Sedation Dentistry. 

How to Achieve Superior Results from your Website

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every business must recognize that their web site is an extension of their brick-an-mortar business. Sometimes, even more so! Your web site should be the center of as many activities as possible. Business owners should use their web site for many more items than they currently do.

Getting results online begins with getting your employees and your customers to regard your web site as something of great value. Your web site should be seen as an online business. Something that is constantly evolving, changing... getting better. Something that is working for you all the time.

Your web site should be the center point of all your communications, internally as well as externally. Need to tell clients about an important product upgrade? Post it on your web site and refer to it often. Do you find that certain questions are being asked by your customers? By employees? An FAQ page is a great spot to put all the answers to these questions. Do you have print materials about your company? Great! You should. They should be on your web site as well, available for download in pdf format, or Word doc, or CAD drawing, anything. If clients and employees are looking for a document, they should find it on your web site.

Another important aspect of your online business is your support center. Your web site should be the first place customers look for support. You need to train your clients to do this. Instruct your employees to mention the web site all the time to people. Get your staff in the habit of referring everyone to your web site. As a business owner, you need to do everything to keep your employees and your customers thinking of your website as the place to find the information they need.

One great tool of custom website design are online forums. It's a great idea to let your customers talk to each other--get the conversation going about your products and services. You should also have interactive forms where users can fill out to request support or to be contacted. Online blogs are also a great tool in creating a community around your online business. Your web design company should help you determine what web services can be used effectively on your web site.

Your business will have lots of additional needs. One of your marketing tools should include email marketing design. This is a great way to stay in-touch with your customers, and your staff! Email marketing should go hand-in-hand with your web site, they should work with each other. This is a great tool to get more business from your current client base.

Now, you're probably thinking, "sounds great, now what?" Well, you need to find a website design and development company. You can always start locally. Let's say you live in Reno, Nevada. You could start a web search for reno web design and see what comes up. Or, search website design reno. Additionally, if you really like a certain web site, find out who designed it and talk to that web design company.

One of the best things about the internet is the world-wide reach. Custom web site designers can be found everywhere. At Bullsprig we have clients all over the country. The majority of our clients are in the San Francisco / Bay Area and Los Angeles. We're bidding a website now for a client in New York City! The power of the internet has allowed this great opportunity.

You need to use the web to reach your customers, and create value behind your web site. It takes work, but people are doing it every day. Our clients have been having tremoundous success with their web sites. Each website powered by the Bullsprig Platform.

The Bullsprig Platform is a high-powered, user-friendly web infrastructure, designed to help companies with their online web sites. We use this technology infrastructure on every website we design and develop. This technology allows us to deploy custom web sites in a short amount of time. We design custom web solutions that not only look good, but function seamlessly.

If you need help designing and developing a custom web site, let's talk. 

WHITNEYfusion Redesign

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In 2004 we designed a web site for WHITNEYfusion, a high-end event planning company. The web site was built entirely in Flash, and won Bullsprig numerous design awards. The web site was incredible--utilizing the latest in Flash technology and engineering.

Fast-forward to 2009 and WHITNEYfusion was overdue for a redesign.

Since 2004 WHITNEYfusion has seen tremendous growth. They have added a lot of new clients, and added people to their support staff. In addition, WHITNEYfusion has added wedding planning to their list of capabilities: corporate events, sports marketing and social soirees.

There are a few main business objectives for this redesign, including: be found on Google; give WHITNEYfusion the ability to updated the web site on their own; capture prospective leads via the web site; add photo galleries fast and whenever they wanted; and, finally, add a section on WHITNEYfusion weddings (more on this later).

The first phase of the redesign focused on the events side of WHITNEYfusion's business. The look and feel needed to be somewhat corporate but still incorporate the movement from the previous version of the site. The target audience for WHITNEYfusion Events is human resources staff at companies. In other words, people who needed information and examples fast, and hassle-free. 

Your website IS your business. Take control of your online success today.

Contact us to learn more about what Bullsprig can do for you.

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