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Brooke Sullivan Website

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We just went live with a new website for Reno real estate agent Brooke Sullivan. Brooke specializes in luxury real estate and Montreux real estate in Reno, Nevada. The design and development of this website went incredibly fast, at only 8 total days! (That includes beta testing and debugging!)

Brooke Sullivan Home Page

The design goals for this project was to give users an easy method to search for real estate and show Brooke's featured listings, while staying clean and user-friendly. The overwhelming majority of real estate websites are cluttered and confusing... filled with non-essential "stuff" like mortgage rates and calculators. Very rarely do these sites offer anything that users would want to come back for.

This was a great project for the team at Bullsprig to work on because so many real estate web sites -- even the sites focusing on luxury real estate -- are SO confusing, and completely abandon their initial business goals. Most sites lose focus by populating their pages with dancing skeletons and dinosaur pictures.

This website had to be engaging. Relevant. Filled with information users would seek out and return to often. Brooke's clientiel are high-end sophisticated real estate buyers. These clients have purchased real estate before, and are looking for the best Reno real estate agent available.

We built the website entirely on the Bullsprig Platform, integrating numerous key business indicators, including:

The SEO campaign for Brooke Sullivan will be ongoing, as true SEO performance is not easy, and takes a lot time and effort. The SEO work we'll be doing for Brooke Sullivan is going to be very interesting. There is a lot of competition for real estate keywords. As of today, is not found on Google. But, that WILL change shortly. (We'll keep you up-to-date).

About Brooke Sullivan: Brooke Sullivan is a luxury real estate agent who works for Dickson Realty at the private golf course community of Montreux. Her real estate website focuses on luxury real estate in Northern Nevada. In addition to Northern Nevada luxury real estate, Brooke Sullivan lists and sells Montreux real estate and Reno real estate. Brooke Sullivan lives and works in the Reno/Tahoe area, and is a member of the Montreux Golf and Country Club, home to a stop on the PGA Tour and FedEx Cup. Her website should be used to search for real estate, including: Montreux Real Estate, Luxury Real Estate, Reno Real Estate, Lake Tahoe Real Estate and high-end Real Estate. The private Montreux community could be comparable to: Martis Camp; Yellowstone Club; Timilick Tahoe; Old Greenwood; Grays Crossing and the Tahoe Mountain Club.

Click here to view Brooke Sullivan's website.

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