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Presentation Skills that make a Difference

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The video below outlines why Steve Jobs is such a captivating speaker. The video is about 7 minutes, by Carmine Gallo.

In watching the video, I kept thinking back to our recent client presentations. I think Bullsprig is an awesome web design company! I think we do great work... our clients tell us we do great work! But sometimes, we get lost talking about "techie" subjects that--as a company--we care deeply about, but often times, our clients don't.

Carmine Gallo illustrates some great points, including: If you're enthusiastic and excited about your product or services, your client will be enthusiastic and excited about your product or services as well. Have a theme to your presentation and stick with it. (Don't let lost in "techie" stuff).

The tips and techniques in the video below will help anyone trying to sell products and/or services. Enjoy!

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