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Reno Web Design Online Business Functionality

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Do You Want Your Online Business To Do?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term Web 2.0 design from some Reno web design agencies recently and wonder... What does that mean? Well, "Web 2.0" refers to a perceived second generation of web development and design, that facilitates communication, secure information sharing, interoperability and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Essentially, Web 2.0 design changes the way people use and interact with online businesses.

The concepts behind Web design 2.0 have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities, hosted services, social-networking, blogs, Twitter, et cetera, et cetera. There are some really cool web companies coming online and doing great things.

As a business owner, you’re probably thinking, "Web 2.0 means I need to spend even more money on my already oversized technology budget." Well, Bullsprig, a Reno SEO web design agency, is here to help!

With Web 2.0 design we need to change some terminology. Instead of talking about your "web site" let's talk about your "online business". The technology changes to the web have changed the way web sites work, or at least, should work. Instead of having your web site simply display your telephone number and physical address, web sites are now living working extensions of your business. Your Reno website design should be more proactive and work hard to:

  • Amplify Your Voice
  • Automate Your Customer Service (Self-Service)
  • Sell Products Online
  • Generate New Leads
  • Build Your Community
  • Build Customer Loyalty

Amplify Your Voice
One of the best ways to amplify your voice is through Reno Blog Design and Reno Email Marketing. Good content addresses your customers’ information needs, and search engines love good content (helps with your Reno search engine optimization. It also gives your business a human touch.

Automate Your Customer Service (Self-Service)
How many customer phone calls do you get asking about the same thing? And, how much time is spent answering the same question? Every custom website design should have a section that focuses on Customer Service. It is important your web site has an FAQ section, Webforms and Workflows and Secure Zones to help your business automate your customer service.

Sell Products Online
Building Reno eCommerce websites and selling your products online was once a very expensive, time-consuming adventure. The cost to develop online businesses has gone down dramatically. If you want to sell your products online, there is nothing standing in your way. Online businesses are a great way to expand your business’ reach and product offering.

Generate New Leads
Your web site should offer users an option of getting in touch with you. Webforms and workflows help ensure your web site is converting users to new leads.

Build Your Community
A good business will always have a community of dedicated customers. With your online business, Blogs, Forums, Comments, Customer Databases help to build that community and keep it strong.

Build Customer Loyalty
Building customer loyalty is a lot harder than it seems. It takes incredible focus to make sure your customers are loyal. Your Reno website design needs to help you do just that. Targeted Email Marketing, Comments, FAQs are all aspects of your online business that should be working for you to build that loyalty.

Businesses must embrace the strengths of the web and use it as a platform. Make your web site, your online business, work for you!

Oh, and if you need a great Reno web site design and Reno web development company that can handle your Reno SEO, Reno Design, Reno Email Marketing, let’s talk.

We are Bullsprig, a Reno SEO web design agency. We’ll take you by the hand and provide good guidance. We give concrete ideas about suitable Reno web design, what functions your Reno online business should have, and help with business strategy to achieve your online business goals. We take the time to help our clients prioritize their goals so that we can provide you with a custom web design solution.

Your website IS your business. Take control of your online success today.

Contact us to learn more about what Bullsprig can do for you.

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