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WHITNEYfusion Redesign

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In 2004 we designed a web site for WHITNEYfusion, a high-end event planning company. The web site was built entirely in Flash, and won Bullsprig numerous design awards. The web site was incredible--utilizing the latest in Flash technology and engineering.

Fast-forward to 2009 and WHITNEYfusion was overdue for a redesign.

Since 2004 WHITNEYfusion has seen tremendous growth. They have added a lot of new clients, and added people to their support staff. In addition, WHITNEYfusion has added wedding planning to their list of capabilities: corporate events, sports marketing and social soirees.

There are a few main business objectives for this redesign, including: be found on Google; give WHITNEYfusion the ability to updated the web site on their own; capture prospective leads via the web site; add photo galleries fast and whenever they wanted; and, finally, add a section on WHITNEYfusion weddings (more on this later).

The first phase of the redesign focused on the events side of WHITNEYfusion's business. The look and feel needed to be somewhat corporate but still incorporate the movement from the previous version of the site. The target audience for WHITNEYfusion Events is human resources staff at companies. In other words, people who needed information and examples fast, and hassle-free.

We built the web site entirely on the Bullsprig Platform, integrating numerous key business indicators, including:

Click here to check out the new site.

Back to the WHITNEYfusion weddings side. This is a different animal... a completely different web site. Different objectives, different audience. Evidently soon-to-be brides are very picky. (I should know, I am married.) We're in the middle of designing this side of WHITNEYfusion. It's an exciting site, very creative, and, of course a custom website design.

Below is a peak at the initial comps. I'll post the entire site when we're done.

About the company: WHITNEYfusion is a boutique event planning firm that offers the very best in corporate events, charity events, sports marketing, social soirees and wedding planning. From simple to extravagant, traditional to edgy, we fuse your vision with our insight & resources to create the perfect occasion.

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