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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A couple weeks ago we went live with, a website that sells workout programs for men.

The workout system, DDS 1.0, is perfectly designed for the professional male. DDS 1.0 is a 5-day workout routine. Each workout is only 30 minutes from start to finish. This workout system gives you enough time to give each muscle group plenty of rest while working really hard to build muscle.

The goal for is to sell muscle building workouts for men. The system sells for $97 and is available on-demand... meaning you don't have to wait for DVDs to show up in the mail, you can get started the same day you purchase the system.

DDS 1.0 will build your muscle mass effectively because each workout is specifically designed to train each muscle group to its maximum potential each week. With DDS 1.0, you'll have time to focus on your career and your family because each workout only lasts 30 minutes. That's a huge plus for guys who want to keep a great body, while excelling in their chosen career.

Most workout videos for men focus on long, hour-plus, workouts. Not Dana DeSarle Systems.

DDS 1.0 is a 5-day workout program in a 7-day cycle. Each workout is only 30 minutes long. DDS 1.0 also comes with a nutrition guide so you can follow and get fantastic results.

DDS 1.0 starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are your off days. However, it is recommended that you do some form of physical activity on one of those days... go for a hike, bike ride, play golf, run... just do something on either Saturday or Sunday.

DDS 1.0 will be our first fitness product for Dana DeSarle Systems. The mens workout program market is really needing a product like DDS 1.0. Most products are extremely long... 1 hour to an hour and a half. This is just not sustainable. We personally think long workout programs don't work, and you should focus your time and energy on shorter, more focused workouts.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this men's muscle building video product! It is truly a revolutionary fitness product, specifically designed for busy professionals.

We really put a lot of time and money into the design, filming and scripting of this first product.

I think you'll rally enjoy the 5-day workout routine. We specially designed the system in such a way that you don't work on complimentary muscles two days in a row. This allows for sufficient rest in each muscle group. Sufficient rest is one of the most important pillars in building muscle and getting the most out of your workout routine.

What about sets and reps?

DDS 1.0 is based on Dana DeSarle's proprietary system of Main, Stretch and Burn. This new system of muscle training will help you build muscle and burn fat like you can't believe. The system works on getting the most out of your muscles in a limited amount of time.

We have written some really great articles on If you have time, take a look at the articles. One of my favorite articles is: Energy Workout For Men. This article talks about why it's important to exercise to GET energy. Pretty important concept.

Another great article you can read on the web site is: Why Resolutions Fail. Everyone knows how hard it is to stick with a New Year's Resolution... or any resolution for that matter. This article digs to the core of why humans fail and what you can do about it.

The last article I recommend you read is: Why Working Out Is Important. This article talks about the importance of working out to stay healthy. Americans are getting fatter and fatter every year... just look around. Fat is everywhere. It's time you do something about it, before it's too late.

Finally, a little about Dana DeSarle Systems and our goal for the company.

Dana DeSarle Systems is a company dedicated to helping busy professionals get in shape and live a better life.

Our flagship product, Dana DeSarle Systems [DDS 1.0], is a revolutionary workout system designed specifically to work for busy, professional men.

DDS 1.0 is a series of workout videos, guides, and email coaching program. The workouts are based on Dana's proprietary methodology of Main, Stretch and Burn… a new way to build muscle and burn fat.

I would love for you to see an example of Main, Stretch and Burn in action. Click this link to be taken to Once you're there, just enter your email address and click "Show Me The Video" to preview a workout.

If you are a busy professional, with a family and career, and what seems like no time in your day to get in shape... this workout fitness program for men is designed for you!

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