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5 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization

Monday, February 22, 2010

Search engine optimization is a never-ending job. All the time and money you spent designing and developing your website means nothing if people can't find you!

It's important to make sure your website design company optimizes your site during development, but there is always room for improvement. To get those precious leads coming in, you must ensure your prospects can find your website via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Tip 1: Write Better Page Titles
At the top of your browser, on every web page, there is a title. Make sure each title is very specific, and is different than any other web page on your site. Search engines scan this data when indexing your site. Being specific counts! Do not use generic page titles like "About Us". Include targeted keywords in your titles.

Tip 2: Use Keywords Generously
Incorporate top phrases you want associated with your website. Do your keyword research, find out what keywords you want to target. Try to have your keywords appear a few times on your site. But, do not "keyword stuff". Keyword stuffing is putting A TON of keywords on a single page. This is a red flag.

Tip 3: Develop an XML Site Map
Site maps are a major component for search engine indexing. There are many tools that generate xml site maps for free... use them! Websites designed by Bullsprig submit an xml site map to all the major search engines every 24 hours. You need to do the same.

Tip 4: Broadcast Your Links
There are many ways to get your content out there to the world. Focus on social networks and trusted websites within your industry. Tell the world about your business, products, services, employees... everything!

Tip 5: Tweet About It
Twitter is a wonderful tool that has become an important part of search engine optimization. Tweets are now indexed in Google! If you have a Twitter account, include Tweets about your business and useful tips that your customers would like to hear about. If you don't have a Twitter account, get one!

These tips will help you get better traction with your search engine results. SEO is a never-ending job! The sites that rank highly in Google are there for a reason... you can be too.  

Copywriting Tips for Your Website

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Let's talk a little about copywriting for your website.

What is copywriting? When talking web design, it's your site's content... what people read. This includes Headlines, Subheads and body copy. Writing is always difficult (for most people anyway). We tell each of our clients to estimate the amount of time you think it will take to write copy for your site, then DOUBLE IT! Internal content creation always takes longer than you expect!

Right now, we have 5 websites that are completely finished, beta tested, layout approved, all ready to go... but WAITING for finalized copy. It's always copy that holds up a website launch!

My minor in college was Journalism. I didn't know how to write very good at all. One of the first classes I took was on writing. My professor actually asked me if wanted to change my minor and do something else! At any rate, I learned how to write. I wasn't the star student, but I powered my way through it and learned a lot. So can you!

Here's some help for those of you who may need some help, here is a great article: The Art of the Paragraph.

The is a great website to learn how to write and to bring out your inner writer. Read the articles. Learn.

Keep your fingers crossed that we get the copy soon. We have some awesome sites to unveil, stay tuned! 

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