Deliver Value With Email Marketing

What if I told you the email marketing you have been doing for years is wrong. Your approach, the email software you use, the templates, graphics, all wrong.

If you have a website, chances are you have a sign-up form that reads: "Get Updates About Our Company" or "Subscribe To Our Email Newsletter" or something very similar.

The mistake business owners make is thinking customers actually care about your company. They don't.

Customers care about getting solutions to their problems.

Once you realize customers want solutions to their problems, you will find success with your marketing… especially your email marketing.

Turn Customers Into Buyers

Email marketing is the most direct method to reach your customers, and turn those customers into buyers.

The major advantage email marketing has over any other communication channel is the personal connection it produces.

Think about it: With email you can send 10,000 emails, each one completely personalized. That's powerful.

The goal for email marketing is to turn your leads into sales and happy customers.

You can't do that by sending email newletters, spam and annoying sales pitches. Won't work.

Again: People want solutions to their problems.

Give them solutions and you'll make sales and have happy customers.

So how do you make email marketing work?

First, recognize an email address you capture on your website is a lead.

Second, you need to nurture that lead.

So how do you nurture leads?

Think about it as a value exchange. Your lead is giving you her time. You need to give her valuable information in exchange.

The goal is to build trust and deepen your relationship. Remember, Trust = Sales.

Let me give you an example:

Pretend for a moment that you sell collars for large dogs. You could offer your visitors updates from your Dog Collar Company. Or, you could give them a free report that describes the Top 5 Dog Collars For Large Dogs.

The Top 5 report is going to attract the right people into your funnel. Then you can send quality, niche specific information your target audience needs and wants.

The above example assumes that you embrace a certain philosophy about doing business online.

That philosophy is simple: You are not going to wait for money to change hands before you start contributing, guiding, advising, counseling and informing your target audience.

If you don't subscribe to this philosophy, email marketing will not work for you.

This philosophy is about building and earning trust. Trust creates long-term customers and raving fans.

Good email marketing deepens the relationship with your audience.

Now—as with any successful marketing campaign—your email marketing should have a strategy and a defined goal.

Building an email marketing strategy is fairly easy:

  • Deliver a solution your customer wants and needs.
  • Break that solution up into 10 – 15 emails delivered over time.
  • Send these emails with an autoresponder email service.
  • Make sure each email contains your best content. (Lousy content = unsubcribes.)
  • Don't sell. Inform, advise, guide and counsel your audience.

Read the last bullet again.

The end result of your email marketing program is to create a crowd of followers that will buy your stuff over and over again.

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