Facebook Marketing Strategy For Business

Facebook is a website with over 800 million users.

Let me rephrase: Facebook is a website with over 800 million potential customers—each customer grouped by age, location and interests.

Now do I have your attention? Good, because Facebook can't be ignored. Facebook is one of the simplest ways to reach your future customers.

Using Facebook is a great way to informally communicate with your customers, allowing them to get more information about your company and products. Directly communicating with these consumers allows you to build credibility and trust, something that is crucial to any business—and any effective internet marketing.

What is the Advantage of Having a Facebook Page for Business?

I'm sure you're wondering what's the advantage of having a Facebook page when your business already has a website. The answer is widening your sphere of influence. You want your story to reach as many customers as possible.

The problem for many businesses is being intimidated or overwhelmed by creating their own page, but in reality, making pages is not that hard—and, it is one of the easiest marketing tools that businesses can use to attract new customers.

What makes Facebook especially powerful is the opportunity for businesses to reach a large group of people.

Facebook provides three basic tools that can be used to reach your current customers as well as potential new customers. Here is a breakdown of each one.

Facebook Fan Pages

A simple Facebook business page is known as a "fan" page. In the beginning, you're not going to get many fans. That's okay. Your main goal is just to get something out there.

Unlike profiles, fan pages can be "liked" by anyone without having to accept a fan. There also are no restrictions to the amount of likes that a page can have.

The main advantage of having a fan page is that is free, and easy to set up. It is similar to However gaining your fan base can be a challenge.

Fan pages allow you to:

  1. Find your target audience.
  2. Interact with your "fans" by commenting on posts.
  3. Gain exposure for your brand or business.

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a great way to advertise to your specific target market. You can easily create ads that target specific geographic areas, different age groups, as well as specific information about customers. Users can like or unlike certain ads that they don't like, which results in better ads overall.

Facebook Groups

Groups allow for discussion among members which is similar to a forum. Groups have additional features that are like profiles or pages, such as walls and picture uploading capabilities. Groups can be created for your industry and are a great way to reach your potential customers by initiating conversation about your industry or company.

How To Make Facebook Effective

Fan Pages

Use that info tab! This is where people go to find out about your company and what it does.

Be sure to put good information here. Explain what your company does, how you're unique and give them details.

Write this information specifically for your Facebook audience; keep it informal and easy to read. Informal is always the best route to take on Facebook.

Post Useful Information

When you post something, it will show up on your fan's News Feeds for everyone to read. Don't post countless updates about the same thing, but rather make sure that what you're posting is useful to your fans.

Some good things to post include:

  • Articles related to your industry with links
  • Coupon codes
  • Information on new products
  • Links to things that fans will find useful

Posts should not exceed 3 times per day.

Ask Your Fans Questions

By getting fans involved in your page you are gaining loyalty. If you ask questions people can get involved, at their own discretion. Ask open-ended questions to get the most impact.

Articles and Additional Facebook Information

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