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Plan Feature Breakdown

With prices as low as $17/month, every business or organization can easily create a powerful and professional website that allows them to benefit from the most dramatic technological shift in the history of industry.

Home / Dashboard Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Web Mail
My Details

The Home / Dashboard is packed with many beneficial and practical tools. From here you can keep track of your key business indicators: Visits to your website; Online Sales; Customer Leads; Newsletter subscriptions; and much more!

Content Management Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
InContext Editing
Web Pages
Dynamic Menus
RSS Channels
Secure Zones

Managing your website has never been easier. Our system is completely customizable... no design limitations! Create as many templates as you want to give your site a consitent look and feel. Edit your web pages with our easy-to-use incontext editor.

Dynamic Modules Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Ad Rotators
Photo Galleries
Site Search
Web Apps
Web Forms

Dynamic modules are modules which are "ready to go" for your website. The modules are populated by the information you enter into the Admin console under each module set-up. Easily add advanced functionality such as Forums, Blogs, Announcements and More to your site with dynamic modules!

Built-in eCommerce Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Affiliate Programs
Gift Vouchers
Shipping Options
Payment Gateways
Discount Codes
Tax Codes
QuickBooks Integration

Our system has a powerful e-commerce engine built into it that puts business owners in control and enables them to easily sell their products online. What distinguishes this system from the myriad other e-commerce systems in the marketplace is its integrated customer database. The customer database automatically captures customer purchases and gives business owners a 360 degree view of all their customer interactions.

Email Marketing Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Email Campaigns
Email Newsletter Credits 1,000/mo 10,000/mo

Permission-based email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that every business should use.

Customer Database Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month

Your customer database is integrated into every facet of your website. It is constantly growing every time customers make inquiries, subscribe to your newsletters or purchase products via your online store. Your customer database gives you a 360 degree view of all of your customers activities.

Reporting & Analytics Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Customer Report
Website Report
eCommerce Report
Admin Usage
Custom Reports

Your online business keeps very detailed statistics on the interactions that occur on your website. Not only are traditional indicators such as traffic, and visitors tracked but there are fine grained statistics such as which pages your visitors are landing at your site on so you can focus on the messages and calls-to-action that you put on those pages.

Administrative Tools Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
User Management
Role Management
Domain Management
Site-Wide Templates
Content Holders
Search Engine Optimization
Build Web Apps
Extend Customer Database
Customer Service Ticketing
API Integration
Meta Data Framework
Customize System Messages
Customize System Emails
Other Customization Options

The administrative tools allow you to administer and manage your website from any browser with an internet connection.

Plan Features Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month
Host Unlimited Content
Website Control Panel
Website Hosting
Email Technical Support
Custom URL
Google Webmaster Tools
Phone Callback Support
System Usage Limits Starter$17/month Business$47/month Pro$97/month Pro
(5 User)
(10 User)
Administration Users 1 1 1 5 10
Email Addresses 10 10 10 20 50
Disk Limit 1GB 1GB 1GB 2GB 5GB
Bandwidth Limit 1TB/mo 1TB/mo 1TB/mo 1TB/mo 1TB/mo
Email Newsletter Credits - 1,000/mo 10,000/mo 10,000/mo 10,000/mo
SMS Limit - - 10/mo 10/mo 10/mo

Your website IS your business. Take control of your online success today.

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