Data is Your Friend And Why You Need To Track Conversions

Tracking conversions is the most important aspect of marketing. Conversions are the life-blood of any website...

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What Does Facebook Gain From Buying Instagram?

Facebook hasn't even flash dashed (or crashed) yet, and it is already facing Traffic Acquisition Costs, because with 30 million users, assuming none of them use Facebook, each user just cost Facebook $33.333--and realistically much more since virtually everyone who uses Instagram uses Facebook...

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How Do I Get Traffic To My Website?

The most visited page on (besides the home page) is the page on website traffic. Everyone wants traffic. Here's how to get it...

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Best SEO Software—How to Grab the Low Hanging Fruit

The most reliable, consistent, profitable, high-volume source of traffic comes from search engines—mainly Google...

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Your Website Is Your Sales Team

When the customer finally decides to call you and place an order, they have already made their decision. Everything was done online... without the help of a sales guy...

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Get Your Ads Running Virtually Everywhere Online

Have you ever shopped for an item online, and then seen that the exact item was suddenly being advertised on all of your favorite websites? It wasn't a coincidence. It was retargeting...

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What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct-response marketing (DRM) is a form of internet marketing designed to solicit an immediate response that is specific and quantifiable...

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How To Write Headlines That Sell

There is no magic pill that grants a writer the power to pen great headlines. Developing the art of writing catchy and interesting headlines comes with practice and dedication...

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