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Have you ever shopped for an item online, and then seen that the exact item was suddenly being advertised on all of your favorite websites?

It wasn't a coincidence—it was retargeting.

With retargeting, a company can appear to have its ads running virtually everywhere online. This helps impress potential customers and boost your brand's credibility.

In these leaner times, marketers and business owners have to be smarter—relying on a strategy that will stretch each dollar in their ad budget. Now there's a way to ensure your ads get in front of a real, live, serious prospect.

When you're trying to make a big impression online, it's important to get your ads in front of as many sets of eyeballs as possible. Not just to make them aware of your offer, but to keep them interested.

As any business owner knows, following up with potential customers boosts conversions. That's why we structure many of our retargeting campaigns like a follow-up email series.

Three days after a user leaves a site, we'll show them a banner related to the content they viewed on our site. In this banner, we'll remind them about our offer and possibly sweeten the deal.

With retargeting—we're asking them to come back.

If they don't click through the first banner, we may display a follow-up banner two days later with yet a different, but related, offer.

This technique not only keeps the offer fresh in the user's mind, but it also allows you to try out new offers that the user may find more attractive.

Retargeting allows you to bring a lot of those visitors back to your site for a second look. And it gives you a chance to sweeten the deal, upping the chances that a user will opt in to your email list or click the buy button.

In short, retargeting helps you get the most out of your site's traffic—and ultimatley, helps you make more money online.

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